Dry Brush & Body Oil Set

Dry Brush & Body Oil Set

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This Esker Dry Brush is made of grass tree wood, all-natural bristles, and finely wound hemp twine at the handle. The head of each bristle on the dry brush is soft to the touch and moves easily across the body without any harshness. The Esker Dry Brush can be used across the entire body including arms, legs and torso.

Our Relax Body Oil helps tame tension and welcome in tranquility. Made with a base of avocado, coconut and sweet almond oils, our essential oil-infused body oils are lightweight, intensely nourishing and effectively protect your skin’s delicate barriers — without feeling greasy.

Main Relax Body Oil ingredients include:

+ Avocado oil
+ Coconut oil
+ Sweet almond oil
+ Sea buckthorn oil
+ Rosehip seed oil
+ Buddha wood essential oil
+ Lavender essential oil

Bring the spa to you with these self-care essentials and feel the tranquility of our NYC flagship club in your home.

Relax Body Oil is 100mL.