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Relax Everything Mist

Relax Everything Mist

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Purified water and therapeutic grade essential oils — buddha wood, lavender, sweet orange, vetiver, sweet marjoram and amyris — deliver a grounding scent through our Relax Mist. We all experience moments of overwhelm. Relax Everything Mist helps tame tension and welcome in tranquility through a calming curation of grounding essential oils.

The notes in this earthy scent are known to induce relaxation. Spritz on your body and face — or around your space — to unwind or promote sounder sleep. You can also use as a shower mist or a yoga-mat freshener.

Cruelty-free, 100% pure and non-toxic, no synthetic fragrances and made of sustainably sourced and wildcrafted botanicals.

Good for:

+ Improved sleep

+ Relieving tight muscles

+ Stress reduction

+ A calmer mind

100ml, 3.4 oz